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FanPage Domination Review

I remember when I first set out to make money online. It was the largest market in the world, businesses were striking it rich all the time, how could I go wrong, I wondered. Well I was naïve, and I bet you have been there. You get some new product or tool or social media site, etc. that promises to crack the code for instant profits online. It’s a rat race just like a 9-5 job in many ways, only less profitable.

However I’m stubborn. I just don’t give up because I’ve lost money. So I’ve tried lots of ways to build and grow my online business. I’ve had some success, though it’s come more from luck and lots of hard work than any program I’ve tried…until now. Now I want to be clear, this isn’t some gimmick I’m about to tell you about. It’s a real product put together by a real person (Anthony Morrison) who has been doing what I’ve been doing for years – only he is a lot smarter than I am and has great intuition when it comes to this stuff.

Basically, he’s just like me, only instead of floundering, he’s been perfecting and improving techniques I used to mangle my way through before I signed up.

When it comes down to it, the program really is about growing a large fan base online so that your quality business or product can find its niche and become successful. There are some really powerful tools that I’ve tried to use, but just didn’t get that Anthony goes into, specifically your email list. I’ve tried building a list before, but I never had success the way I do now. I can honestly say I have more business, greater exposure, higher profits, and less stress since trying Fanpage Domination. It is this reason and this reason alone that I am writing this review.

So now that you know what it is and why I am a fan, let’s talk about why Fanpage Domination has been able to help me make a profit like nothing else has before.


Learn The 3 Step Blueprint To Building Your Own Fan Page Business & Making Huge Profits

Why It Works

One thing that Anthony drives home is how that in today’s online market, social media, and specifically Facebook, are extremely powerful marketing tools. This is something that, unless you are a Facebook marketing guru like Anthony you should be excited to learn. As you might know, there are fan pages on Facebook. But what you might not understand is that they are key to making thousands if not tens of thousands each month when leveraged correctly. This one of the key things I liked about the program – I get how to use a Facebook fanpage now. If you don’t, trust me, you want to sign up right away. It will 100% be worth it.

Now I won’t get into explaining the nitty-gritty of how Facebook works and how much Facebook knows about people, but Anthony will, so if I’ve even picked your curiosity, I’ve done my job.

As such, there is a formula that Anthony uses in the material that I’m not going to go into here, but it helps you understand how to use things like ads, surveys, autoresponders, affiliate marketing, blogs, ecom, and more to really boost your sales through the roof in ways you may not have even thought possible for your business, brand, or product.

Just know that you will learn a lot of valuable, relevant, and current information to build your online presence and get more traffic.

Everything in the course is geared to generating you traffic. Lots of traffic, but not just random traffic, target traffic that will yield a high number of leads and sales. So by building your email list, growing traffic, and leveraging things that are already working in your favor in the world of social media, you can increase your traffic and profits by volumes you might not believe right now.

The Pros

Now, one thing I really like to do when I review a product is try to talk about specific things that I liked and didn’t like. Doing this helps add a personal touch to my review and gives you a bit more complete picture than those reviews that are too short or only offer positive feedback.

So in my Fanpage Domination Review, let’s start with the things I liked

  • One issue I’ve had with other similar products is that the information is a bit 101 or even out of date. I mean, sure it’s kind of valuable, but it wasn’t really good enough to write home about. That’s not the case here at all. With Fanpage Domination, I was pleasantly surprised to find information about current trends and social media sites. Plus, it was nice for once to feel like I was learning something new and getting an edge where my typical experience is “I already know all this!”
  • I can’t stress enough how much I love the approach to using a Facebook fanpage. Doing so lets you jump on board with what your potential customers are already in tune with. People get Facebook. They are used to using it to interact with brands, and they are comfortable with marketing on the site. I’ve never felt more empowered to take advantage of these trends working in my favor.
  • One problem I’ve always had with my fan pages was pulling things off in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Fanpage Domination really helped me overcome this. My fanpage is so much more professional now I can’t believe it. The first impression I make has really gone up. Here is an example of a dog related fanpage worth taking a look at! So if your fan page is currently outdated or even nonexistent, this is a great book for you.
  • There are always ways to get paid traffic, but what you get here is information on how to use free traffic sources. And, unlike most free traffic sources, this traffic is high quality, targeted, and won’t take forever to bring in leads. I’ve been one of those people who are skeptical of free traffic, so I get it if you are making a face as you read this. So let me tell you, while I’d normally say never waste your time, I now know that if you know what you are doing, it’s no waste at all. I have Fanpage Domination to thank for that.


Learn The 3 Step Blueprint To Building Your Own Fan Page Business & Making Huge Profits

The Cons

Okay, now there is no perfect product. So let me be clear, though I love the Fanpage Domination book and program, I already see some things that would mean it’s not for everyone. Let’s look at those things now:

  • When it comes down to it, you need to have a fairly good understanding of online marketing, social media, and Facebook. I had been doing this stuff for a while, so my learning curve wasn’t that steep. However, I can imagine this is a bit advanced for some people who’ve never gotten into online marketing before or do much on Facebook. The program does assume some basic knowledge. So while I wouldn’t say you shouldn’t get it if you are just starting, I would say you should also look into a beginners guide to social media marketing to help fill in some the blanks that this program won’t hold your hand through. That being said, if you are competent looking things up online, I think you can be as successful as I’ve been using this program – even if you are just starting out.
  • I know some people who really don’t want to be involved in Facebook for whatever reason. Though stuff you learn in the program can apply to other sites, it’s basically for Facebook. So if you are looking for something that specifically examines non-Facebook marketing avenues, there is only a limited amount of information here.
  • I can also see that if you are very advanced in Facebook marketing that most of the information here would be supplemental or a review. So if you are a pro already, there will likely be some good tips and tricks here to pick up or refresh yourself on, but your overall value wouldn’t be as high as a beginner or intermediate like myself who has tried other programs yet hasn’t found real and sustained success yet.
  • I feel like some of the information was a bit specialized. For example, if you don’t need much help with autoresponders, you don’t get as much out of those sections. This isn’t really a bad thing, just I feel as you decide, you should evaluate your level of knowledge on specific marketing tools on Facebook and Facebook fan pages.

The Final Verdict

When it comes down to it, if you are trying to grow a business online and you need more traffic, you really need to consider Facebook. If you are considering Facebook and/or a Facebook fan page, you need a guide, a tool, a way to get ahead instead of waste time. That’s exactly what this is: nothing more, nothing less. Yes the ordering page makes lots of grand claims, but it comes down to what you do with it. It’s real information, it’s current, it’s applicable, and it’s about the biggest social media site there is. So yes, it’s a strong buy for me. I wouldn’t go back. Will it solve all my money problems forever? Of course not! It’s not some miracle product.

But it doesn’t have to do that to be worth it. It highly succeeds at what it sets out to do, and if you are someone who wants to grow your business brand and get more traffic online through Facebook, you would be doing yourself quite the favor to read this book.